Radar and his brothers were rescued from being brutally killed at a local dairy. All baby males are considered “by-products” of their mothers’ milk production and would normally have been killed just days after birth.


Baby Animals

Who isn’t touched by the sight of baby animals! They are sweet and trusting and just want to be loved. 

Most people are shocked to learn that nearly all animals who end up on peoples’ plates were still just babies when they were killed. These innocent beings are taken from their mothers prematurely and their bodies are mutilated without painkillers. They are forced to live painful, sickly lives, usually crowded in with tens of thousands of others.  Most never experience love or kindness in any form.

  • All cows born on dairies are taken from their mothers at just a day or so old – the separation is as wrenching as it would be for humans.
  • Baby male calves born on dairy farms usually are sold to veal farms where they spend their short lives chained inside a tiny, dark “veal crate” before they are killed at just 16 weeks.
  • Many cows killed for meat would still be nursing on their mothers when they are slaughtered.
  • All animals killed for human consumption live only a fraction of their natural life-span.


Watch the story of Radar and his brothers’ rescue.


A mother’s love is felt by all animals.