Eating Out

Eating out? No problem!  Most restaurants can easily modify a dish to be vegan or vegetarian. And many already have vegan options on the menu.  Veggie burgers, burritos, salads and pastas can be made veg friendly – often times without any tweaks at all – just ask your server.

Mexican, Thai, Chinese and Japanese restaurants are typically very veg friendly. And there are a few apps on the market that will find local veg restaurant options for you.

Tip: Be polite! Most business are happy to leave off the cheese or modify your dish if you are friendly about it. Sometimes a server might ask a few questions, just be patient, they want to get everything correct.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in the Seattle Area

All Vegan

No Bones Beach Club 5410 17th Ave NW, Seattle, Washington

Veggie Grill Multiple locations in Washington, Oregon, and California

Wayward Café 801 NE 65th St Ste C, Seattle, Washington

Fire and Earth Kitchen 5004 Linden Ave N, Seattle, Washington

Café Wylde 2918 Hoyt Ave, Everett, Washington

Vegan Friendly

Mexican restaurants

Just order from the vegetarian section (they all have one) and ask for no cheese or sour cream. Tip: sometimes businesses are willing to substitute extra guacamole for sour cream, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Thai restaurants

Most Thai restaurants allow customers to make a choice between chicken, beef, or tofu. Choose the tofu version to stay cruelty free! Tip: sometimes things like curry include fish sauce so make sure to ask.

For Fast Food Lovers

Taco Time

All veggie options can be made without cheese or sour cream, just ask!


The vegan sofrista options is a must try!

Red Robin

All burgers can be made vegan. Just ask for the Garden Burger option and make sure they leave off the cheese and mayo. They are happy to accommodate, that’s why they offer the Garden burger sub on their menu!

For Pizza Lovers

Mod Pizza

Locations throughout Washington State

Just leave off the meat and ask for dairy-free cheese (it’s no extra charge!)

Sizzle Pi

Locations in Seattle and Portland

Always offer one or two vegan pizza by the slice options

For Ice Cream Lovers

Full Tilt Ice Cream

Multiple Seattle Locations

Always offer 2 or 3 fun vegan flavors

Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

Multiple locations throughout Washington State

Always offer 1 or 2 vegan flavors