Bessie is enjoying a yummy pumpkin from her caregiver.

Bessie Cow

Bessie was a happy cow who enjoyed her time napping in the sun, grooming her friends and grazing on lush, green grass. But Bessie wasn’t always so happy. She was born on a dairy farm and was used as a “milker”. Although Bessie passed away in March of 2017, her life inspired so many people to choose milk alternatives that we continue to tell her powerful story.

Most people don’t realize that just like humans, a mother cow only produces milk to nurse her baby. But in order to take the baby’s milk and sell it to humans, calves are taken from their mothers within days of their birth.  Both mother and baby cry intensely at this traumatic separation, just as humans would.

We believe Bessie gave birth to at least four babies – all of whom were taken from her at just days old.

By the time Bessie was considered “spent” by the dairy industry, her body was ravaged.  She was on her way to slaughter – to be made into hamburger meat – when she was rescued.

We are so grateful that Bessie was saved from this horrific fate.  She was such a gentle and peaceful creature who deserved love and kindness.

Many people think that by choosing “organic” and “free range” or “grass-fed” animal products they are helping the animals.  But unfortunately this is not the case. Please check out our FAQ page for details.

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A special treat for a special lady!

Bessie was known to share a snuggle with her best friends. Here she is leaning into Blue for a warm embrace.