If you could end an animal’s suffering, would you?

Did you know that the average person eats more than 7,000 entire animals over the course of their lifetime?  In just one year the average person contributes to the suffering and death of over 400 animals.

Many consumers aren’t aware of the suffering involved because the industry keeps it hidden.  The reality is that “standard industry practices” are so horrific that they would be considered felony animal cruelty if performed on a dog or a cat. 

  • Babies are forcibly taken from their mothers when they are just hours or days old.
  • Painful bodily mutilations are performed on the babies without any pain killers.
  • Animals are slaughtered when they are still essentially babies – calves can be heard calling for their mothers and chickens are often still “peeping”.
  • Animals considered “useless” to the industry are killed en masse or left to die on “dead piles”.
  • The slaughter process is violent and highly imperfect; animals are often still conscious when their throats are slit and they are dismembered.

If this information breaks your heart and you want no part of it, you are not alone. Find out how easy it is to help stop the suffering. Get started today!

Splash was born and raised on a small farm and saved herself from slaughter after watching her family members being killed one by one. Learn about Splash.

Samantha was rescued from an egg-laying facility where her beak was seared off and she was forced to live in a tiny cage. Learn more about Samantha.

Bessie was considered a “spent milker” by the dairy industry and had been sent to slaughter before rescuers stepped in. Learn more about Bessie.

All baby males are considered “by-products” of their mothers’ milk and often killed shortly after birth. Meet some very lucky babies who were saved from the food industry here.