Samantha Hen is enjoying a warm cuddle from one of her caregivers.

Samantha Hen

These days Samantha enjoys a rich life. She spends her days doing what chickens do naturally – she keeps her skin clean by performing daily dust baths, forages for bugs and seeds in the dirt and enjoys being outside in fresh air and sunshine.

Samantha’s life now is a stark contrast to the life she was forced to endure as a chicken used for eggs.  When she was just days old her beak was cut off with a hot blade. She was forced to live amid feces and urine in a tiny wire cage, packed into a warehouse with thousands of other birds.

Chickens used for their meat in “broilers” suffer in similar ways as Samantha. And the process to kill any chicken is the same – the animals are hung upside down before being stunned by electrocution and dragged across a mechanized saw that cuts their throats. The animals are fully conscious during this terrifying and painful process.

Fortunately, Samantha was rescued and is able to live out her life as a happy, healthy bird. She chatters with her friends and comes running for treats.

Many people think that by choosing “organic” and “free range” products they are helping the animals.  But unfortunately this is not the case. Please check out our FAQ page for more information.

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Hens are naturally curious and social animals who form friendships and lifetime bonds with one another.