Like all chickens, Samantha loves to explore, stretch and chat with her friends. But her life didn’t start this way.  She was rescued from an egg-laying facility where her beak was seared off and she was forced to live in a tiny cage with five other hens.  More about Samantha.


Bessie loves her new life. She is often found grooming her friends or napping in the sun. But she is one of the lucky ones. She was considered a “spent milker” by the dairy industry and had been sent to slaughter. She couldn’t even stand when we intervened to rescue her. Bessie’s story will surely touch your heart.


Like all pigs, Splash is smart, playful and devoted to her family. Today she lives a life filled with love, and enjoys sunbathing, rooting in the dirt and playing with her friends. Splash was born and raised on a small farm and saved herself from slaughter after watching her family members being killed one by one.  Learn about Splash here.

Baby Animals

We all know that babies are vulnerable and we naturally feel a desire to protect and care for them.  As a result, most people are shocked to learn that the animals they are eating were still just babies when they were killed. Meet some very lucky babies who were saved from the food industry here.

Ocean Life

Did you know that fish are smart enough to learn tricks? Studies have shown they feel joy and pain. But they have a hard time communicating with us because they don’t have the vocal cords to chatter or scream. See what you can do to help sea life here.

Your Life

More and more studies are showing the health benefits of avoiding animal products in our diets. Millions of people already follow a plant-based diet and millions more are making changes in this direction every year. Find out more about how your food choices impact your health here.

Human Kind

Do you ever feel like you want to save the world?  Well, here’s your chance!  Issues like climate change, wildlife extinction, world hunger and water shortages are all directly related to the animal agriculture industry.  Learn more about how your choices can have a positive impact here.