Splash Pig

We recently said goodbye to Splash, a remarkable pig who touched many lives at Pasado’s Safe Haven. She passed peacefully, surrounded by her favorite friends and caregivers.

Splash’s remarkable story began in 2011, when we received a call from a woman who found a very large pig at her gate – a nearly 700 pound pig.

Splash’s owner had just taken her piglets from her, slaughtered Splash’s brother and sister in front of her, and was preparing to sell Splash for sowing or slaughter. Traumatized, she ran away from the scene to escape, even crossing a river, seeking a place to hide.

Many people are unaware that pigs are extremely intelligent, emotional and cognitively complex beings, and based on her reactions, we can assume she was distraught and scared.

Thankfully, the woman who found her had a tender heart and contacted Pasado’s Safe Haven for help.

At our sanctuary, Splash has always been a visitor favorite, content to nap all day, follow caregivers around the yard, and roll over for belly rubs. Seeking out a cool, refreshing mud bath was one of her favorite things to do.

She loved people, and especially children, and was always goofing around revealing her curious, spunky personality.

Splash will be missed by all who knew her.

She served as an ambassador for all pigs that never made it through our sanctuary gates, and we will continue to fight for every animal that deserves a life free from abuse, neglect and the harmful food production system.

Follow this link if you would like to watch Pasado’s Safe Haven’s video in honor of Splash.

Splash is loving her life with plenty of room to forage for roots.