The Environment!

Plant-based for the Planet!
Going vegan makes a world of difference

We are all looking for ways to celebrate the beautiful planet that we call home. By choosing a plant-based diet, every meal becomes a chance to make a difference – for the planet, for animals, and for your own health. Check out this page to explore some of the many benefits the vegan lifestyle can bring. Remember, it’s not about perfection – it’s about doing what you can.

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Cruelty Free Hand Soaps
Found at your local grocery store

For many vegans and vegetarians, making ethical choices goes beyond what we eat. Luckily, there are plenty of cruelty free products on the market and more and more companies are making the choice to end animal testing. Not sure if your products test on animals? Just look for the leaping bunny symbol or check out this website for a comprehensive list.

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Kite Hill
Yogurts & Cheeses

Kite Hill makes wonderfully tasting alternative dairy products with only simple ingredients. They have designed a way to use traditional cheese-making techniques using nuts (mainly almonds) instead of milk from animals. Kite Hill has something for everyone with products like artisan nut cheeses, cream cheese, pasta, and a variety of yogurt.


Fall Harvest
Sanctuary Tour

Gather your loved ones and celebrate the beautiful fall season with the lovable rescued animals that call Pasado’s Safe Haven home. You’ll get to enjoy the sanctuary at your own pace during this self-guided tour and when you’re ready to warm up, vegan goodies will be waiting for you back at Pasado’s House.  Don’t miss out, come and spend some time with the animals! Register today!